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Electric Power Sector 

Thampico Electric Power Sector

Energy Solutions for the Electric Power Sector 

The electric utility industry is experiencing a period of significant transformation. The industry is grappling with various challenges and opportunities that will continue to shape its landscape for decades to come.


Aging Infrastructure

Many electric utilities in the U.S. have aging infrastructure, including power plants, transmission lines, and distribution networks. Replacing and upgrading this infrastructure is a costly and complex undertaking.​

Grid Modernization

The push for grid modernization and the integration of renewable energy sources have introduced technical challenges in managing a more decentralized and intermittent power supply.​

Environmental Concerns

Utilities are facing increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and adopt cleaner energy sources to combat climate change. This transition towards sustainable practices requires significant investment and regulatory compliance.​

Cybersecurity Threats

As utilities become more reliant on digital technologies and smart grids, they become vulnerable to cyber threats, making cybersecurity a critical concern.​

Changing Regulation

Evolving federal and state regulations can impact the operational and financial aspects of Utilities, affecting their revenue and profitability.​


Renewable Energy

The growing demand for renewable energy presents an opportunity for electric utilities to invest in and integrate renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power into their energy mix.​

Distributed Energy Resources

The rise of distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar panels and residential battery storage, allows utilities to engage with consumers in new ways and explore innovative business models.​

Energy Storage

Advancements in energy storage technologies offer utilities the potential to manage variable renewable energy generation more effectively and enhance grid stability.​

Data Analytics and Digitalization

Utilizing data analytics and digital technologies can improve grid operations, customer service, and efficiency.​


The trend toward electrification, such as electric vehicles and electrified heating, creates opportunities for utilities to expand their customer base and increase electricity sales.​

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Professionals in the electricity sector are poised to capitalize on the rapid growth of renewable energy, energy storage solutions, and smart grid technologies, driven by the imperative to combat climate change and enhance energy sustainability. ​


Planing Power Grid Project
Electric Power Grid


Feasibility & Modeling

We evaluate the viability, risks, and returns of projects in the pre-construction stages to aid informed decision-making. 


Project Controls

We integrate accounting, procurement, and other systematic processes and tools to monitor, manage, and optimize various aspects of the project's scope, schedule, budget, and quality.


Project Documentation and Reporting

We create project documentation, reports, and progress updates, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. 


Project Evaluation and Post-Project Analysis

We assess project performance, lessons learned and areas for improvement to develop guidance and SOPs. 


Program Management

We collaborate with your leadership to gather and analyze information at the portfolio level, optimizing resource allocation to align performance with business unit or enterprise goals.

Energy Solutions

Through our tailored solutions and innovative strategies, we assist with efforts to optimize investments, projects and operations, helping our clients in the electric sector seize the full potential of their transformative opportunities.

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