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Thampico Managing Workforce

Preparing and Upskilling Your Workforce

Managing workforce transformation can be challenging in the face of rapid technological advancements, labor supply shortages and pressing deadlines for funding requirements.


Skill Gap and Workforce Transition

With the rapid pace of change and adoption of new technologies, there may be a gap between the skills required and the skills currently possessed by the workforce

Changing Job Roles

As technology reshapes the energy landscape, certain job roles may become obsolete while new roles will emerge

Aging Workforce

An aging workforce can result in potential knowledge gaps and succession planning issues if knowledge transferprograms are not effective


The energy industry is experiencing a significant technological shift, with advancements in smart grid technology, digitalization, automation, and data analytics

Talent Attraction and Retention

The energy sector faces competition for skilled workers from other industries, particularly those with expertise in emerging technologies

Organizational Culture and Change Management

Fostering a culture of innovation can be challenging for traditionally risk-averse organizations

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse talent pool can lead to enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability, ultimately benefiting the organization's performance


Organizational Development

  • Identifying future employment needs and skill requirements for roles across the project lifecycle.​

  • Developing job postings based on competitive research and best-in-class industry practices​

  • Conducting initial screening interviews with potential job candidates to develop a short list of highly ranked candidates for subsequent interviews​

  • Providing robust training and development programs to upskill employees in PMIS software

Organizational Development

Change Management

  • Developing a clear vision and rationale for the changes, emphasizing the benefits and long-term goals.​

  • Engaging stakeholders at all levels, including employees, customers, and regulators, from the early stages of planning.​

  • Providing training and support to help employees adapt to new technologies and processes.​

  • Providing consistent and transparent communication to address concerns and manage expectations. ​

  • Implementing effective project management frameworks and methodologies to ensure successful execution.

Change Management

Workforce Readiness

By addressing these challenges together, we can prepare your workforce to meet the rapidly changing demands of the energy sector.

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