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Thampico Software Evaluation and Implementation

Software Evaluation and Implementation 

Addressing technology challenges requires careful planning, a clear understanding of the organization’s specific needs, and the involvement of key stakeholders. It is essential to choose a PMIS that aligns with the company's goals and can adapt to the dynamic nature of energy projects.


Legacy Systems

Integrating or transitioning to a new PMIS can be difficult due to compatibility issues and the need to migrate data from legacy systems

Change Management

Implementing a new PMIS requires changes in processes, workflows, and sometimes even organizational structure. Resistance to change from employees and stakeholders can hinder the successful implementation

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Ensuring the security and privacy of data within the PMIS is crucial and may require robust cybersecurity measures

Regulatory Compliance

The PMIS must comply with industry -specific regulations and standards, adding complexity to the implementation process

Stakeholder Collaboration

The PMIS must facilitate smooth collaboration between various internal departments, external contractors, and regulatory agencies

Complexity of Projects

Large, complex projects involve multiple stakeholders, extensive resources, and intricate processes. Implementing a PMIS that can handle the scale and complexity of these projects can be challenging

Data Integration

A PMIS needs to interact with various other systems, such as accounting, billing, and asset management systems. Ensuring seamless data integration between these systems can be a major challenge

Training and Adoption

Providing adequate training and ensuring widespread adoption of the new PMIS can be a challenge, especially for organizations that may not have a tech-savvy workforce

Cost and Budget Constraints

Budget limitations can be a significant barrier to the identification and implementation of a PMIS. Obtaining necessary funding and justifying the return on investment can be challenging

Scalability and Flexibility

The PMIS should be scalable to handle both small-scale and large-scale projects while being flexible enough to accommodate changes in project requirements

Real-time Monitoring

Implementing a PMIS tha provides accurate and up-to- date information is a necessity for effective project management


PMIS Software Evaluation 

  • Whether you have a PMIS or aren’t sure whether you need one, we can work with you to find solutions. 

  • We understand how to use a PMIS to drive project, program, and business objectives, but it is important to use the right PMIS. We will review and analyze various options in the market to find the right fit for your organization. 

Thampico Software Evaluation

PMIS Implementation 

Thorough preparation is the key to successful implementation. We will work closely with your staff to develop a detailed implementation plan to include all users. 

Thampico PMIS Implementation

IT Project Coordination 

Executing your IT strategy often requires coordination with multiple parties, internal and external. We can facilitate this process, driving results faster and using analytics to measure their impacts. 

Thampico IT Project Coordination


Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we empower your project management team, enhancing project collaboration and efficiency through effective PMIS selection and implementation.

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